Aldine United soccer Club Academy Program is a Special program for ages 6 to 10  boys and girls.

The Academy Program has been designed to create a love for the game of soccer in the early stages of development, but introduces players to a more competitive prior to joining the competitive program.The emphasis will be on developing basic skill utilizing soccer instincts,and emphasizing creativity through technical training and a more competitive game environment.

An important aspect of the Academy Program.

*Training Sessions conducted by certified /and professional staff are the key for the development of the players.The training sessions are devised to help each player improve technically skills,tactically, skills physicallyfitnessn and psychologically mental toughness.

*Training Sessions:

two times per week.all training sessions will follow South Texas Youth Soccer Academy Curriculum.

*Game Day

All Player will be pooled by age group.

Players will be registered to the Academy Program Rather than individual teams,which allows flexibility as roster re drawn from the pool of available players for each age group and gender within a club.

for more information please contact George Cerda at 832-419-2870 or